REGISTRATION DEADLINE: extended to august 19!

  • 25% off all books and curriculum during the registration period!

  • Your books will be purchased and reserved for you in the bookstore along with any accompanying notebooks/folders.

  • The discipleship informational meeting will now be primarily for guests and new attendees, not registration!

Late Registration

  • Those who register after this deadline will be responsible for their own books, and depending on the lateness of registration, may not have their notebook/folder until the first meeting.

Track I: Biblical Foundations

  • Date/Time: 7:30am, First three Saturdays of each month, Sept–May (Flexible and subject to change based on group’s needs!)

  • Location: North Campus Building

  • Leader: Brian Huseland


  • Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem ($26.99 $20.24)
  • From Pride to Humility by Scott ($5.00 $3.75)
  • Why Church Matters by Joshua Harris ($11.98 $8.98) (TBD, will be replaced with a similar book for the same price, as listed)
  • What is a True Calvinist by Ryken ($5.00 $3.75)
  • What is the Reformed Faith? by Dewitt ($3.00 $2.25)
  • Finally Free by Lambert ($10.79 $8.09)
  • A Guide to Biblical Manhood by Stinson and Dumas ($4.49 $3.36)
  • What is Vocation? by Stephen Nichols ($5.00 $3.75)
  • The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness by Tim Keller ($4.55 $3.41)
  • Notebook with articles ($2 $1.50)
  • “The Main Thing, Part 1 & 2” by C.J. Mahaney (two sermons located on the Sovereign Grace Ministries website)

books, brats, & Beer

  • 8 short books in 8 months!

  • Date/Time: The 4th Friday of the month, 6:30 pm, starting in September (excludes December)

  • Location: Dave & Heidi Farley’s home

  • Leader: Dave Farley


  • September: Work by Doriani ($13.59 $10.1925)
  • October: What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert ($9.53 $7.14)
  • November: Sanctification by Michael Riccardi ($12.00 $9.00)
  • January: Red Like Blood by Bevington & Coffee ($12.51 $9.38)
  • February: Astonished by God by John Piper ($12.60 $9.45)
  • March: Marks of the Messenger by J. Mack Stiles ($12.78 $9.45)
  • April: Sex, Romance & the Glory of God by C.J. & Carolyn Mahaney ($10.48 $7.86)
  • May: Intentional Parenting by Thad Thompson ($9.69 $7.26) and Biblical Discipline That Makes Children Fun by Bill Farley ($3.99 $2.99)

Note: Most prices are from Westminster Bookstore, who we really love supporting over Amazon whenever we can!

No group times work for you?

We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to facilitate every request for next year, but we will definitely take it under consideration as we plan.