If you really want to know what our church is all about, visit a home group.

The New Testament proclaims that it is not enough to hear God’s word. God commands us to also be “doers of the word” (James 1:22). To this end, we meet as smaller groups throughout the week, which we call “home groups.”

Each home group meets three times per month to apply the Sunday sermon, pray for one another, and to encourage one another. This is where the practical life of our church occurs.

Home groups break from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year, but many groups do plan some summer activities. Feel free to contact a home group leader during summer break.





John & Stacy Kershinar
Tuesdays, 6:30 pm


Northeast Spokane

Joe & Anne Cvancara
Thursday 7 pm


Near Salk Jr. High⚘

Jeff & Tammy Brown
Wednesday, 6:30 pm


5 Mile⚘

Josh & Johanna Soehner
Tuesdays, 6:30pm



Brian & Lisa Ulrich
Tuesday, 6:30 pm

Williams HG.jpeg

Indian Trail⚘

Mark & Kim Williams
Sundays, 6pm


north or northeast of spokane


Church Building

Pat & Jodi McGlade
Sunday, 6 pm


Deer Park

Skip & Margie Lawson
Thursday, 6:00 pm


Church Building⚘

Dave & Heidi Farley
Sundays, 12pm


Church Building

Dave & Sue Young
Sunday, 3 pm


Church Building

Shaun & Delight Maguire
Thursday, 6:30 pm


* This home group is closed to new attendees; the closure does not apply to existing attendees. We try to keep our home groups small, if possible, as it is difficult to have meaningful fellowship with a larger group.

** Subject to change.

indicates childcare available, or available upon request (please get in touch with the home group leader so that they can be expecting you)