Pre-registration is closed

  • Regular registration is still available, but you will now be responsible to purchase your own books. If your book has a notebook or folder, we will have this available for you to pick up at your campus’ bookstore about one week before your group starts.

  • If you are new to GCF and would like to know more about our discipleship program as a whole, please join us for our discipleship informational meeting after church on Sunday, Sept 8th. You will be able to register there, as well.

Book Pickup

  • For those who have already registered, your books will be reserved for you in the bookstore along with any accompanying notebooks/folders a few weeks before your group begins meeting. The official announcement will appear in the newsletter, so keep an eye out!

John Bible Study

  • Date/Time: Wednesdays, 9:30 – 11:30 am, starting Oct 7 (20 week study)

  • Leaders: Sue Young, Margie Lawson, Jane Mathistad

  • Location: Sue Young’s house (subject to change based on final group size)


  • Book of John (Living Word Bible Study Series) by Kathleen Nielsen


  • A book a month for 6 months!

  • Date/Time: Monthly meetings; the last Monday of every month, October – April.

  • Leaders: Rachel Sandall, Cari Lance, Samantha Williams

  • Location: Rachel Sandall’s house (subject to change based on final group size)


  • You Who, Rachel Jankovic
  • Red Like Blood, Bob Bevington
  • The Gospel Comes With A House Key, Rosaria Butterfield*
  • Esther & Ruth, Reformed Expository Commentary, Duguid
  • What Grieving People Wish You Knew About What Really Helps, Nancy Guthrie
  • Master Plan of Evangelism, Robert Coleman

* available on Hoopla

Titus 2 Study

  • Date/Time: Monthly Saturday breakfast meetings, 8 - 10 am; 6 meetings total.

  • Start Date: Sept. 21

  • Leaders: Anne Cvancara, Heidi Farley, & Kay Gesch

  • Location: Heidi Farley’s house (subject to change based on final group size)


  • Marriage in Paradise by Bill Farley
  • Gospel Powered Parenting by Bill Farley

(This group is full! Registration is closed!)

No group times work for you?

We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to facilitate every request for next year, but we will definitely take it under consideration as we plan.