We believe one of the key ways to reach the lost is through personal relationships. Therefore, our strategy is to “Invest and Invite.” We desire to invest our lives relationally in those who are far from God and then invite them to hear more about Jesus or invite them to our Sunday morning worship service where they can hear preaching.


Around the World

We also believe the primary way to fulfill the great commission is through church planting. To this end we planted the North Campus in north Spokane in the fall of 2013. We also support missionaries and church planters in Canada, California, Japan, Belgium, and Spokane.

In Our City

Our Central Campus is located in the Logan neighborhood and directly across the street to Logan Elementary School. We are passionate about reaching this neighborhood. Every year, we have the honor of joining our Central Campus as it partners with Union Gospel Mission to offer a free week-long summer camp to children at Logan Elementary, where they hear the gospel and benefit from the mentorship of the counselors, who are volunteers from the congregation. We use all of this opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the kids' parents, as well.

Friday Prayer

In addition, and perhaps most importantly we pray every Friday at noon at our church office for lost people. Come and join us!